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SAA provides various short-term to long-term courses inspired by curricula from Vietnam, South Korea and European countries with highly qualified trainers; Students are instructed and inspired by well-known trainers and experts in the field in Vietnam

  Electronic Dance Music (EDM) Production and Performance  

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) Production

EDM is created by electronic instruments and equipment thanks to the advancements in digital technology.

SAA’s EDM Production Course would provide students with a foundation in music production and performance classes to practice with this trending music genre.

  Music production and Sound design  

Music Production Process:

  • Fundamentals of music production, combined with recording studio procedure,
  • Know-how to produce a Demo

Sound recording studio:

  • Comprehensive understandings of the recording process with all pre-, while-, post- session to-do lists.
  • Knowledge of procedures in a professional recording studio.

Music Production:

  • Knowledge of the music market, inputs and outputs.
  • Concepts of Project Planning, Cost Planning, Selections of artists, studios, sound engineers.


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  Audio engineering  

SAA’s Audio Engineering course provides practical concept of audio engineering such as: analysis, description and recording; acoustic science; hardware audio equipment; studio equipment; and live sound stage equipment, etc.

SAA also designed Music Production course which gives students knowledge of MIDI control, sequencer; digital audio; the protocols involve hardware and software; and basic equipment in the studio, etc.

  Music Composition  

Music Composing

If you choose music as a way to deliver your feelings and express them using lyrics and melodies, this is the course for you.

SAA Music Composing course is deigned to assist students in understanding the methodology, the elements of a good piece of music, and the influence of the lyrics on the melody. The course also offers basic and advanced techniques in song-writing such as creating melody, beat, harmony, lyrics, and the latest technology used in music production.

SAA ensures a professional environment for students to meet and learn from musicians and creative professionals in the industry.

  Musical instrument  


SAA equips students with both music theory and musical skills to perform on stage such as solo, concert and accompaniment. SAA also ensures student’s understanding of different genres like Classical, Jazz, Pop, etc. SAA Piano Course’s goal is to shape students’ musical tastes and to improve their musicality.




Keyboard is the best choice of musical instrument for complete beginners. Besides that, it allows students to approach and express themselves through more music genres than Piano. At SAA, along with learning fundamental theory and ear-training, students are offered hands-on instrumental training to improve their musicality and to be able to express their feelings through music.




SAA offers both Acoustics Guitar and Electric Guitar Courses, from basic to advanced level, with a comprehensive instruction on the instrument, providing a wide range of skills. Students also learn how to apply knowledge in a variety of styles and genres, how to play in a band or on computer.




Bass Course at SAA features a complete immersive learning experience and exposure to various grooves. Top-of-the-line equipment at SAA’s studio would bring an amazing experience as well as nurture students’ passion for music, especially for Bass guitars.




Drums courses at SAA include music theory and understanding of different drum types like electric drums, studio drums, drum demonstration stage, electronic assisted device (triggers, pads). Students will get personalized attention and guidance from instructors who are working professionals in Vietnam with experience in touring and recording with top artists.




Violin is very popular musical instrument among people of all ages. The violin produces beautiful sounds and also look good while being played. It can be played with many skills, styles and genres to express different feelings and emotions.

SAA Violin Course offers students reliable practice strategies, building a foundation in basic theory and skills. The course focuses on providing students with a comprehensive and proper knowledge about the violin posture and hold and how to approach different musical pieces. 


Joining SAA, students have the opportunity to learn theory and practice with well-known trainers and experts in the field in Vietnam (Jazz, Pop, Rock, R & B, Hip Hop) and approach to a professional music environment that evokes artistic inspiration along with state-of-the-art facilities. In addition, students are always advised, supported, oriented. Your direction and style will be tailored to your needs

  Music Theory Fundamentals  

Basic Music Theory

With the goal to develop sustainable musical foundation, all students of SAA will be provided complimentary course of Basic Music Theory.



The music education program are designed to help students to expand both physically and mentally. The SAA classes were created, focusing on exercises and skills, to allow students to practice their passion in their life.


“Whether or not the existing of music – the biggest advance of people in decades if we would not had had the BASS sound? Music seems nothing without the BASS sound – It likes a person without heart.”

– MusicRadar, the article of musical news.


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“It's easy to play any musical instrument: all you have to do is touch the right key at the right time and the instrument will play itself.” – Johann Sebastian Bach

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