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Specialized training programs are designed and developed by highly qualified trainers to meet the needs of specialized training as well as advanced training of each individual or young talents


What does it take to make your passion to a profession? Talent. Desire. Dream. What else?


Whether you want to sharpen your skills or become a performer; proper guidance is needed to separate your passion from a one-off pastime.


Find your own voice at THE YOUNG STAR - an exclusive music camp tastefully crafted for talented individuals from 11 to 20 years old. The 4 weeks of training will definitely challenge your limit, ignite your artistry, and transform your technique.


To be onboard, you need to pass the Audition on 6/7/2019. Registration is opened till the end of 4/7/2019.


Register at: shorturl.at/luDZ8

  MC Kids  

I. General

1. Name of course: MC Kids

2. Participant

Children ranging from 7-14 years old

3. Course introduction

Level 1 program is designed to help children achieve 3 main targets:

i. Become more confident

ii. Developed vocal technique

iii. Effective crowd-control ability

iv. Confident all-around communication

These are some basic elements to help your children can be a public speaker – before being an MC

4. Objectives achieved

- Become more confident

- Enhanced listening and speaking ability

- Confident all-around communication

- Children can lead a part of script

- Positive changing

5. Course duration

- 8 lessons

- 90 mintues/lesson

6. Time

- From 15h00 to 16h30 on Saturday, Sunday 

II. Training content

The recording is clipped in forrm of before and after course and sent to parents to feel the positive development 

  Independent Artist training Program  

Do you dream of becoming an independent artist?


Star Academy is always looking for potential elements for the future art direction. If you are passionate about singing, and you want to be a star, go to Star Academy to make your dream come true.


The "Independent Artist" training gives young people the opportunity to learn, to improve their both expertise skills and performing style so that they can confidently shine on stage.


With this course, you will know the pros and cons of yourself, will be trained to develop the comprehensive skills that necessary for a professional artist. By joining the course, you will learn the ability to communicate confidently in front of the crowd, learn how to feel the music and be able to create your own music, know how to build your own image in accordance with The development trend of the current and future music market.

  Artist training program  

Every child has a passion for music and art. Many babies with innate giftedness need to have the environment to promote their full potential, to shine on the professional stage and satisfy the passion of art.

Star Academy not only teaches children to sing well, performs confidently in front of friends, family, or in competitions that they have the opportunity to attend, we provide well-equipped training facilitates, guides the children to participate in Music shows and art such as: Do Re Mi, The Voice kid ... so that children can get close to the way of art.


Experienced trainers in the field of training will help children acquire the first skills, promote personal advantage, gradually feel the music genres and liberate the body to have the the most appropriate demonstration.


Star Academy will equip your children with what they need in fun atmosphere. The most reasonable route, will bring the highest efficiency. This will help children to be more confident in communication, confidence in front of the crowd. The courses also enhance the intellectual, musical aesthetics and emotions

  Singer-songwriter developing program   

Singer-songwriter developing program

The program will provide a general view of Singer-songwriter concept. Students will receive in-depth training to become a professional Singer-songwriter.

Students would take part in the professional process of songwriting, recording, and performing with the support from successful and famous singer-songwriters in Vietnam. Students will be updated with the latest skills in producing and publishing records. Overall, it will be a practical and very much field-related experience for students: from composing to writing lyrics and performing.

  Professional artist training  

Your dream is to become a singer, to be shining, to dedicate yourself to the arts?


Star Academy is one of the leading companies in the field of entertainment, art education. We are always looking for artistic talents. Our mission is helping people shine and support their dreams, passion to become a professional artist.


Star Academy is not only training the skills to realize your artistic dream but we can also give direction to your artistic path. So if you have passion, Star Academy will be the place to bring you the closest way to it. All decisions depend on you. 

  Star Camp  

The program is debuted in a camp format with a series of thematic workshops, enabling the participants' mastery of techniques and life-simulation practice.


By engaging in all Star Camp workshops, students will accumulate all the necessary knowledge and skills that can be instantly applied to their professions.



Contact hotline 028.3868.3388 for more information.

  Star Workshop  



The program is advised directly through the hotline 028.3868.3388.


​*To receive detailed information about the course, please contact us by hotline: 028 3868 3388 - email info@staracademy.vn



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