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​STAR CAMP – Choreography: Unlock



As part of the Star Academy of Art Star Camp training program, the 5-day course, UNLOCK, is designed for young dancers, dancers and amateurs alike. Want to go far on the path of passion and become choreographers in the future.

The objective of the course is to introduce a general perspective and the work of a Dance Choreographer, in addition to having the opportunity to improve the knowledge and skills needed to become a choreographer in the background. Vietnamese entertainment industry.

The UNLOCK course will be conducted by choreographer Andy Cuong, head of the dance academy program of the Star Academy of Art academy and the instructors of the dance choreography in Vietnam. Course content consists of 3 parts:

- Unlock your knowledge:
o Provides basic and advanced knowledge of different dance subjects, helping students to build a solid foundation for better development.
o Understand the culture and history of different dance subjects, which will help students discover the materials to use in choreography later.
o Communicate openly and answer the dangers of dance knowledge along with veterans from different dance genres.
- Unlock your mind:
o Provide insights and ways to develop creative thinking in different areas of choreography: from inspiration in choreography to a movement, creative thinking when working in the industry. To think of the overall choreography in a work of art. Be guided and learned experience is derived from the famous choreographers who have worked in the entertainment and art of Vietnam.
o Provide knowledge about team formation, how to improvise and use props in dancing, how to use and control in different spaces.
o The skill of cutting and mixing music to fit the concept of staging and ensuring the full structure of the work to the fullest.
- Showcase:
o Students apply the knowledge learned in the course to create a work with professional support and feedback from famous choreographers with long experience in the entertainment industry in Vietnam.
1. Music (optional): Students will need to prepare a song that they want to edit and do a practice lesson on the night of the course, which will be guided to cut and mix again. course course.
2. Props (optional): Students can choose a props to support the idea of ​​their exercise or NOT.
Laptop, tablet, notebook or other means of recording: Students can carry their laptop, computer, tablet, notebook, etc. to record and save their ideas. I am sure that you will have a lot of inspiration and ideas. Wireless and electrical outlets are provided throughout the campus.
* Students are advised to self-preserve personal property. SAA is not responsible for loss.


5 days


8/10 – 12/10


15 years old, special case under 15 years old will apply for live interview




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